Thursday, February 6, 2014

Early this morning the competition officially began.  Teams picked up their problems beginning at 6am and will work all day to complete them.  For most categories, this means creating an estimate, schedule, and safety plan among other things.  They'll be busy doing this until their deadline tonight, which is sometime between 8pm and midnight, depending on the category.

I won't be able to report on very much today as they are all working hard in their team rooms in the hotel.  The faculty and other coaches aren't allowed to talk to them or help them in any way until sometime tomorrow after their presentations are completed.  Most of our teams are on the 19th floor of this tower.

All of our alternates are participating in a special problem just for them.  They are teamed up with students from different schools and work together to solve a problem.  Quite a different challenge for them because they haven't met their teammates until this morning.  They'll finish at about 5pm today.

Good luck teams!!  Make us proud!!

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