Saturday, February 8, 2014

First place Boise State!!
Our design-build team took first place!

Friday, February 7, 2014

We got pretty busy starting at 1pm.  The risk team was up for their presentation.  They were looking a little stressed out before they got started, but they did a great job!

They were happy to be done!

Concrete solutions was at 2pm.  They were trying to get psyched up beforehand.

They did a nice job with their presentation too.

They were a little more enthusiastic about being finished.  Thanks to Ethan for stepping up and joining the team on Wed evening to fill in for a team member that didn't make it.

While the concrete team was presenting, the design-build team got started at 2:15pm and the heavy civil team got going at 2:30pm.  My apologies for not having any photos of those teams in here.

Here's the marine team right before they began their presentation.

They were VERY excited to be done.  Good job!

I caught most of the heavy civil team relaxing a bit after their presentation.  Rumor has it they did pretty well, along with the design-build team.

Time for everyone to relax a bit and have some fun.  Many construction companies provide food and beverages for all the students this evening.  Students also have an opportunity to meet with reps from companies and maybe land an interview for an internship or full-time position.

Tomorrow morning there is a huge job fair and the awards ceremonies.  I'll give another update then.  Hoping that we win some trophies!!
Now it's 10:45am and it's time for the commercial team to present.  Here, they're getting ready just before they start.

Spencer is presenting the site logistics....

The audience consists of students and faculty from BSU, as well as industry representatives.

And now they are done!

It's 8:45am and it's time for the mixed use team to present.  They are all feeling a little nervous right before their presentation....

So far the presentation seems to be going well.  Here's Arielle getting them started.

And, WHEW! they're done!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yeah!  All of our teams have now submitted their problems.  Everyone is tired, but lots more to do, as now they need to work on their presentations.  Those will start early tomorrow morning.  More on that then....

The alternates had a good day too.  They were put into teams with students from different schools and had to quickly learn to work together for the day.

Some pictures:
In the copy room, making copies....

Mixed use after they turned in everything....

Marine has turned in....

Risk just got some real food finally....

Early this morning the competition officially began.  Teams picked up their problems beginning at 6am and will work all day to complete them.  For most categories, this means creating an estimate, schedule, and safety plan among other things.  They'll be busy doing this until their deadline tonight, which is sometime between 8pm and midnight, depending on the category.

I won't be able to report on very much today as they are all working hard in their team rooms in the hotel.  The faculty and other coaches aren't allowed to talk to them or help them in any way until sometime tomorrow after their presentations are completed.  Most of our teams are on the 19th floor of this tower.

All of our alternates are participating in a special problem just for them.  They are teamed up with students from different schools and work together to solve a problem.  Quite a different challenge for them because they haven't met their teammates until this morning.  They'll finish at about 5pm today.

Good luck teams!!  Make us proud!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The welcome banquet is always exciting.   First, there's the wait for the doors to open....

 Then we have to wait for them to let everyone stampede into the ballroom to claim tables.  There are about to be roughly 1500 people in this room....

Then a few speakers....

Meanwhile...the buffet behind us is looking very appealing....

And sometimes the lines get long...but there's always plenty of food....

"I'm so full it hurts"

There's also a big raffle at the dinner and we had a winner!